Ripening up for Summer

I had so many plans for planting and clearing and learning in the kitchen garden this spring, most of which are still not done. With the official start of summer this week I thought it was time to take stock. Despite not being as organised as hoped, there is some produce appearing in the veggie patch – some intentional, some accidental, and some seeds planted which never appeared. Last year, after a disastrous crop the year before, I decided not to plant tomatoes. But several plants appeared anyway and the (cherry) tomatoes they produced were delicious and prolific.
This year I didn’t need to think about planting tomatoes; seedlings have been sprouting up everywhere – too many for my small kitchen garden patch to cope with! I have moved and potted up many of them and given some away to friends, but others have had to be pulled up and put on the compost; I just don’t have the space to grow them all. I planted basil seeds in one large pot, but only tomatoes have appeared! So it looks like we are in for a bumper crop again this year. They are beginning to turn red; it will soon be time to pick and enjoy them.

Also in the edible garden I have planted beetroot seeds. Most of them appeared, only to be attacked by the chooks who found their way into the back garden when someone (probably me!) left the gate open. Several of them needed replanting after being scratched up, but most survived, and the chooks had a fun adventure! We have been enjoying beetroot leaves in salads and sandwiches; it is probably time to dig some up and enjoy the ‘roots’. I must plant some more seeds soon (along with a second attempt at basil!).



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